Friday, August 21, 2015

Temp Control Devices!

New Temperature Control Device category section added to the site. Temp control MODs are becoming more and more popular every day, and with good reason. Temperature control is a new way of regulating your vape. You set the max temperature of your coil, and the device will regulate the power to make sure it keeps the temp of your coil steady. This give you more control of your vape experience and prevents dry, burned hits caused by setting the wattage too high or running out of liquid in your tank. This gives you longer lasting coils and wicks, as well as superior flavor. Vaping in temp control mode does require you to use special coils made of either Nickel (Ni200) or Titanium (Ti), and you can either buy specific coil heads with this material or buy the wire and make coils yourself for use in your rebuildable RDA or RTA setup.

We have many temp control compatible device available now, check out a few of our favorites below!

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